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bird's eye view of Italian village
Frankie's Restaurant "F" Logo

70 Chifley Road, Lithgow NSW 2790    |    Open from 5 pm Mon-Sat

70 Chifley Road, Lithgow NSW 2790    |    Open from 5 pm MON-SAT | (02) 6352 2477

Frankie's Restaurant "F" Logo
A Family Dream

Italiano Proud

Frankie's is a family business named for their father and grandfather Frank Inzitari. An entrepreneur and migrant from Calabria in Italy. Hospitality and a love of food was in his blood. He left Arena, a small historical town in the heart of the south with a dream that his family carries on to this day.


Steeped in history...

Our love for history, both Australian and Italian, is evident in our location. Frankie's adjoins Zig Zag Motel Reception, which takes its name from the heritage-listed Zig Zag Railway line.

Built near Lithgow on the Great Western Line in New South Wales, it allowed travel across the otherwise insurmountable climb and descent on the western side of the Blue Mountains. Now,  part of the railway line is a popular narrow gauge tourist railway (re-opening soon).

picture of Zig Zag railway along side of the blue mountains
Lithgow Blast Furnace - Built in 1906-7,


Rediscovery the gateway to the west...

Zig Zag Motel is located in Lithgow's heart, which is at 950m elevation and has a population of 21,605 (2019 Census), including regional suburbs such as Wallerawang and Historical Hartley Village. Lithgow is a 2 hour drive from Sydney CBD by car, and less than 3 hours on public transport.

When you book your room in the motel, remember to ask for your reservation at Frankie's.

frank Inzitari


A man with a dream...

In the early 1950s, Francesco Inzitari had the opportunity of a lifetime to move to Australia. The brave man in his early 20's left his life (and wife) behind in search of the 'Australian dream'. He arrived in Australia and worked hard as a new migrant. Over time his wife, brothers, and extended family followed him to Australia and settled in Lithgow, NSW.