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We have a range of both red and white wines to relax and enjoy at our bar!

Hovell Grill & Bar

We have a range of different cocktails and mocktails for all to enjoy
enjoy our delicious Crispy Squid
Another one of our beautiful meals!
Our delicious Barramundi Fillet!
one of our delicious platters!
Enjoy a night out at amazing our restaurant with view of greenery through our large glass windows
We are COVID safe here at Hovell Tree Inn! Covid Logo

Come in for Happy Hour, Monday through Saturday, from 5.00 pm to 6.00 pm.

*Public Holidays may affect opening times

COVID Safe. ​Reservations recommended

Please call 6042 3900

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9 Garlic Herb Panini Bread

baked with house garlic butter (vg)


12 Soup of the Day

with grilled sourdough


14 Cauliflower Saffron Arancini

with Verde aioli (vg) (gf)

Matched Wine: Pinot Grigio, Pair of Hearts


17 Duck Spring Rolls

(3) pickled mustard greens and house plum sauce (df)

Matched Wine: Pinot Gris, Pocketwatch


18 Seafood Hot Pot

prawns, muscles, scallops and squid, garlic, chilli, white wine and crusty bread (df)

Matched Wine: Pinot Noir, Oatley Signature


16 Crispy Squid

seasoned with thyme, lemon and chilli salt, julienne salad and verde aioli (gf) (df)

Matched Wine: Sparkling Brut Cuvee, Craigmoor


Antipasto Plate 

$14 for 1  |   $22 for 2  |   $39 for 4

Marinated local olives, prosciutto, chef creation dip, roast and pickled vegetables, gourmet

cheese and sourdough. Gluten-free or vegan available on request

Matched Wine: Rose, Marquis de Pennautier



Creamy Mash Potato


8 Seasoned Chips

rosemary salt and verde aioli

12 Sweet Potato Fries

with verde aioli


13 Cauliflower Hazelnut Quinoa Salad

(gf) (n) (df)

12 House Salad

julienne vegetables, mixed leaves and burnt lemon dressing (gf) (df)

12 Seasonal Green Vegetables

lightly sautéed in olive oil (gf) (df)



42 Chargrilled Eye Fillet

mash potato, green cauliflower and parmesan chive mornay (gf)

Add prawns $8 

Matched Wine: Shiraz, Joyride

32 Barramundi Fillet

sesame ponzu, grilled broccolini, roast sweet potato and purple carrot puree (gf) (df)

Matched Wine: Sauvignon Blanc, Windridge

29 Chimichurri Chicken Breast

corn puree, cauliflower and hazelnut quinoa salad (gf) (df) (n)

Matched Wine: Pinot Gris, Pocketwatch

36 Slow Cooked Lamb Neck Pappardelle Pasta

spinach, cherry tomatoes and gremolata crumb

Matched Wine: Cabernet Sauvignon, Pocketwatch

36 Chilli Garlic Prawn Orecchiette Pasta

tomato, broccoli, green peas, virgin olive oil, lemon & parsley (df)

Matched Wine: Pinot Grigio, Pair of Hearts


26 Mushroom and Golden Beetroot Risotto

saffron, spinach and goats cheese crumble (gf)

Add chicken $6

Matched Wine: Pinot Noir, Robert Oatley 

24 Roast Cauliflower Quinoa Salad

kale, beans, broccoli, pear, hazelnut dukka & burnt lemon dressing (gf)(vn)(df)

Matched Wine: Rose, Marquis de Pennautier




37 300g Northeast Black Angus Porterhouse

creamy mash, sautéed greens and choice of sauce (gf)

27 Parmesan Herb Crumbed Chicken

house salad, rosemary seasoned chips and choice of sauce

29 Chicken Parmigiana

house-crumbed schnitzel, garden salad and rosemary seasoned chips


27 House-Battered Flathead

garden salad, rosemary seasoned chips, tartare and lemon

Make it Grilled - $3 extra


Sauces All $2: Peppercorn (gf)  | Gravy (gf)  |  Mushroom (gf)  |  Creamy Parmesan Chive Mornay |  Verde Aioli




14 Lindt Flourless Chocolate Cake

warm chocolate sauce and vanilla ice cream (gf)

14 Pear Orange Cardamon & Almond Tarte Tatin

with caramelized honey ice cream

14 Espresso Crusted Zeppole

white chocolate centered and amaretto mascarpone cream

9 Classic Banana Split

candied peanuts, warm chocolate sauce and ice cream (gf) (n)

16 Cheese Plate, ‘Cheese of The Day’

fresh fruit, quince, candied walnuts and handmade lavosh


14 Affogato with Liqueur

Espresso coffee with ice-cream and choice of liqueur – Baileys, Frangelico, Tia Maria or Kahlua (gf)




8 Lilly Pilly Dessert Wine, Noble Harvest 60ml

16 Vanilla Espresso Martini

Espresso coffee, Kahlua and vanilla-infused vodka

16 Toblerone

Baileys, Frangelico, Kahlua, cream and honey 




Grilled Chicken with mash and vegetables (gf)

Chicken Nuggets and chips

Battered Fish and chips

Pasta Napolitana with parmesan cheese 


Vanilla Ice-Cream

choice of chocolate, strawberry or caramel sauce