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Cocktail Exchange: Hovell Bar & Grill and Frankie's Restaurant Swap Signature Drinks!

Hovell Bar & Grill and Frankie's Restaurant proudly announce their latest collaboration: a cocktail exchange featuring two of their most popular drinks.

Starting this week, Frankie's will offer Hovell Bar & Grill's famous Pear Aperol Spritz, a refreshing mix of pear cider and raspberry cordial - YUM!

Meanwhile, HB&G will serve one of Frankie's signature cocktails, the Sicilian G+T, a gin and tonic with an Italian twist sure to please.

Both restaurants' bartenders are excited to experiment with each other's drinks and bring a fresh new flavour to their menus.

But they're not the only ones who'll benefit from this collaboration. Customers at both restaurants will try out new cocktails they may not have encountered otherwise and experience each establishment's unique flavours.

So come down to Hovell Bar & Grill (02 6042 3900) or Frankie's Restaurant (02 6352 2477), and discover the best of both worlds with our exciting cocktail exchange. Bookings recommended.

Who knows, you may find your new favourite drink!

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