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Special Blend for Hovell Bar & Grill

Hovell Bar & Grill is pleased to announce our new unique blend for the Hovell Bar & Grill.

It was made in The Rutherglen Region, specially made to serve exclusively at The Hovell Bar & Grill.

It has hints of sticky toffee reminiscent of a creme brulee.

Specially selected by sommelier Alex Berry, this fortified red wine is ideal for dessert.

It pairs beautifully with our cheese platter and our Lint Chocolate Panacotta.

Photo by: Lara

The Rutherglen Region

Rutherglen is a small town in northeastern Victoria, Australia, near the Murray River border with New South Wales.

Originally a gold-mining town of the mid-19th century, it has since developed into a central wine-producing area.

Photo by: tico_24

The Rutherglen wine region is particularly noted for its sweet fortified wine styles, including Muscat, Topaque (formerly known as Tokay) and Port - just like the NEW Hovell Bar & Grill Port.

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Photo by: Aleksandar Pasaric

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