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Stay NSW Voucher Accepted Here

It's time to rediscover New South Wales and Service New South Wales s helping make travelling within the state more accessible for everyone.

And the InzGroup Teams are all for it! All three of our locations, Albury, Bathurst, and Lithgow are accepting the NSW Stay Vouchers when you book direct.

Who is Eligible for the NSW Stay Voucher?

According to Service NSW, residents of New South Wales 18 years of age and over can apply for 1 x $50 voucher to use towards the cost of accommodation bookings.

Certain areas have early access in February. If the vouchers aren't available in your area, Service NSW has said that you can apply for them by early March.

To apply for your NSW Stay Voucher

  1. Visit Apply for a Stay NSW Voucher

  2. Check the list of Local Government Areas to find out when you can apply for the voucher.

  3. Enter your residential address to check when you can apply for the voucher.

To use your NSW Stay Voucher

The NSW Stay vouchers are only valid when you book direct, which you can do either by booking through our website or by calling direct. Check the specific booking details for your desired locations below.

If you do not have a mobile device, you can provide our reception teams with a printed voucher or the voucher code.

Please inform us at the time of booking that you would like to use your NSW Stay Voucher for your accommodation to avoid being charged the full amount of the accommodation.

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