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Understanding NSW Stay Vouchers + Parents Vouchers

Make sure you use your NSW Stay Vouchers and Parents Vouchers before they expire. Understand the process when booking directly with an NSW business.

When do the vouchers expire?

This Round of NSW Stay Vouchers + Parents Vouchers Expire on 9 of October 2022.

Do you take NSW Stay Vouchers?

YES. All direct bookings qualify for the NSW Stay vouchers. This means you need to book by calling the motel directly or book through our website. Details below.

Please note that we cannot accept NSW Stay Vouchers from overseas third-party sites.

I’ve already booked directly with you; can I still use my NSW Stay voucher?

YES, of course. If the direct booking is more than 24 hours from now, you can call us directly or email and let us know you’d like to apply your voucher to your reservation.

I’ve already booked with, Expedia, Agoda, or a similar third-party site. Can I still use my NSW Stay voucher?

Sorry, no. NSW Stay, and Parent Vouchers are designed by the NSW government to boost our economy. For that reason, we cannot accept them when part of your payment goes overseas.

Can I use NSW vouchers towards future bookings?

YES. If we receive the vouchers prior to the expiration date, we can apply those to your account.

How do I use the NSW Stay Voucher?

STEP 1: Book Direct with us. Either through the links below or by contacting reception directly.

Best Western Plus, Hovell Tree Inn, Albury NSW 02 6042 3900

The Heritage Inn, Bathurst NSW 02 6334 3433

Zig Zag Motel & Apartments, Lithgow NSW 02 6352 2477

STEP 2: Let us know at the time of booking that you have NSW Stay vouchers and how many you plan to use.

Option one: Tell us on the phone.

Option two: Leave a comment in the notes section of your online booking.

STEP 3: Reply to the email confirmation you receive with screenshots and/or the voucher code found in the NSW App.

Please note we must receive your vouchers 24 hours prior to your arrival and before the expiration date to process your vouchers.

How many can I use at a time?

5 NSW Stay Vouchers or NSW Parents Vouchers can be applied to any single booking if they meet the above requirements.

Do I qualify for NSW Stay Vouchers or NSW Parent Vouchers? How do I apply for them?

For more information about how to apply for your NSW vouchers, please visit the links below.

Apply for NSW Stay Vouchers

"Stay NSW Vouchers help support accommodation providers in NSW impacted by COVID-19.
NSW residents aged 18 and over can apply for 1 x $50 voucher to use towards the cost of accommodation bookings. "

Apply for NSW Parent Vouchers

$250 in vouchers
The NSW Government has launched Parents NSW Vouchers to reward and thank eligible NSW households for their efforts to support learning from home in 2021.
From February 2022, one person from each eligible household can apply for 5 x $50 vouchers, worth $250 in total.
The 5 x $50 Parents NSW Vouchers can be used:
7 days a week, including public holidays
at participating businesses that offer arts, tourism and recreational activities
at Stay NSW businesses for accommodation bookings
until 9 October 2022.

Additional Information

Please note that bookings are subject to availability. We cannot provide refunds or change from NSW Stay or Parent Vouchers.

If your booking is cancelled after the voucher has been applied your voucher will be forfeit even if it is before the free cancellation period.

We look forward to welcoming you at any of our InzGroup Family-Owned NSW Motels.

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