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70 Chifley Road, Lithgow NSW 2790    |    Open from 5 pm MON-SAT | (02) 6352 2477

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Frankie's Catering

Frankie's Restaurant offers some of the very best.
Italian catering in the Central West and the Blue Mountains. We can cater to cocktail events, sit-down meals and 'share plate' style banquet events. Prices start from $40 per person. We'll come to you! Best of all, we don't charge for travel - we're local!

Call: 02 6352 2477


We Also Offer...


The Zig Zag Motel offers 50+ hotel rooms andapartments. Ranging from studio rooms, tofamily rooms and spa suites. Seclusionswedding guests are offered a 10% discount off accommodation - when a group enquiry is made.


Only a 25 minute drive to the venue.


If you're planning a
group dinner
the nightbefore the wedding, or a
recovery breakfast
the day after the wedding, we have youcovered. We can tailor an event to yourneeds and budget.

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