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Frankie's Restaurant "F" Logo

70 Chifley Road, Lithgow NSW 2790    |    Open from 5 pm Mon-Sat

70 Chifley Road, Lithgow NSW 2790    |    Open from 5 pm MON-SAT | (02) 6352 2477

Frankie's Restaurant "F" Logo
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8 Garlic Bread Loaf
filled with garlic butter, and herbs, dusted with parmesan 


12 Fetta Caprese Bruschetta

cherry tomatoes, basil, balsamic and crumbled fetta 


16 Cheesy Garlic Pizza

garlic oil base and mozzarella

19 Sizzling Prawn Hot Pot
king prawns, tomato, garlic chilli oil, brandivino and flatbread
(gf on request) 
 18 Calamari Fritti
red pepper seasoning with smoked peppers and pistachio puree
(gf) (n) 
19 Twice Cooked Duck Leg
smoked & roasted, ancho peach puree and toasted polenta crumbs
18 Panzerotti
a fried pizza triangle filled with mozzarella and smoky bacon, nap and béchamel sauce
18 Zucchini Flowers
filled with almond and ricotta, crispy batter and saffron honey dressing
(gf) (n) (vg)
16 Honey Roast Sweet Potato Salad
grilled halloumi, quinoa, wild rocket and honey dressing
(gf) (v)


43 Murray Riverina Eye Fillet

with parmesan Hasselback potatoes, greens, classic bearnaise sauce and sweet potato crisps


40 250g Murray Riverina Sirloin

Choice of: chips and salad  OR   mashed potato and vegetables (gulten-friendly on request)
Choice of Sauces: mushroom jus, Diane, pepper, or plain gravy (all gf)


39 Veal Marsala

pan-fried veal escalopes, sautéed mushroom trio, creamy mash, garlic lemon broccoli and marsala wine sauce


34 Seared Atlantic Salmon

with sumac oil, broad bean and celeriac puree, sautéed asparagus and garlic, with salsa verde


30 Twice Cooked Pork Belly

sauteed cabbage, mashed potato, pickled jalapeno and red onions and smoky port jus


26 Grilled Chicken and Halloumi Salad

honey roasted sweet potato, quinoa, rocket and homemade honey dressing (gf)


25 Crumbed Chicken Schnitzel

homemade, summer salad, beer battered chips

Choice of Sauces: mushroom jus, Diane, pepper, or plain gravy


28 Chicken Parmigiana

Napolitano sauce, bacon and mozzarella, a side of summer salad and beer-battered chips


34 Barramundi Fillet – GRILLED OR BATTERED

with a summer salad, beer-battered chips, homemade tartare and lemon wedge

(gf on request) 

2.5 Extra Sauces

creamy mushroom (gf) | creamy peppercorn (gf) | Diane (gf) | smoky jus (gf) | gravy (gf)



29 Garlic Chilli King Prawn Linguini

oil based with chilli, onion, shallots and parsley, with parmesan



25 Boscaiola Linguini

sauteed bacon, mushrooms and white wine cream sauce with parmesan


25 Ragu Bolognese Linguini

Slow-cooked beef in rich tomato sauce


28 Puttanesca

capers, olives, basil, fresh tomatoes, chilli and olive oil


25 Chicken and Mushroom Risotto

porcini, prosciutto, crispy fried leek and parmesan (gf)


24 Roasted Sweet Potato Risotto

creamy sauce, spinach, tomato, crispy basil and parmesan

(gf, vg)

Add chicken 8 | Add prawns 12

24 Roasted Sweet Potato Risotto

napolitana sauce, spinach, tomato and crispy basil

(gf, vn)



Our pizzas are stone-baked on large 12-inch bases

Upgrade: gluten-free base for 3


24 Pizza of The Month

See staff for selection

22 Margarita

tomato base, mozzarella, tomato, and fresh basil


23 Domenico

Italian prosciutto, mozzarella, and fresh basil

24 Francesco

smoked ham, pepperoni, fillet steak and smoky BBQ sauce

28 Michele

king prawns, shallots, tomatoes, and garlic yoghurt

22 Vinny

loaded pepperoni and mozzarella

22 Antonio

smoked ham, chunky pineapple, and mozzarella

24 Salvatore

seasoned chicken, capsicum, tomato, caramelised onion & yoghurt dressing

24 Guiseppe

smoked ham, pepperoni, mushrooms, capsicum, pineapple and olives

22 Mario

roasted pumpkin, capsicum, mushroom, olives, tomato and artichoke


23 Diavolo

Calabrian-style hot salami, capsicum and jalapeno and cooling yoghurt





13 Sticky Date Pudding

homemade pudding, warm butterscotch sauce and vanilla ice-cream


13 Triple Chocolate Mousse Cake

biscuit crumb, caramel fudge sauce, candied mint & ice-cream (gf)


13 ‘Lemon Meringue’ Panna Cotta

light Italian meringue and candied lemon


16 Affogato

ice cream, espresso and choice: Baileys, Kahlua, Butterscotch Schnapps OR Frangelico

(gf) (n)


16 Dessert Cocktails

Espresso Martini, Toblerone Martini, Black Forest Martini 


Menu per Bambini | Children's Menu

for children aged 12 years and under


14 Kids' Cheese Pizza

14 Kids' Ham and Cheese Pizza

14 Kids' Grilled Chicken

vegetables and mash


14 Kids' Chicken Schnitzel

chips and gravy

14 Kids' Pasta Bolognese

parmesan cheese

14 Kids' Battered Fish

and chips

4 Vanilla Ice-Cream

choice of: chocolate, strawberry or caramel sauce

Contorno | Sides

14 Greek Salad

fetta, olives, spinach, tomato, cucumber and dressing
(v, gf) 

9 Crispy Chips

with oregano-seasoned salt and aioli

12 Sweet Potato Fries

and aioli

10 Sauteed Vegetables

seasoned with olive oil

(vn, gf)

8 Creamy Mash Potato


Spring Garden Salad

with homemade vinaigrette 

(vn, gf) 



gf = gluten friendly | vg = vegetarian | vn = vegan friendly | n = contains nuts | s = spicy

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