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A Guide to Scenic Lookouts and Nature Reserves in Lithgow and Surrounds

Lake Pillans Wetlands and Blast Furnace Park

A relaxing area with diverse birdlife and scenic views. Perfect for a short walk or a picnic lunch. Nestled behind Blast Furnace Park, there is plenty of parking and public toilets.

  • Location: 5 min drive from Zig Zag Motel, behind Blast Furnace Park

  • Reviews:

  • Phil Jeffery: "I enjoyed seeing the surprisingly diverse bird life."

  • Ernie Shepherd: "Such a nice spot for a short walk. The views are gorgeous."

  • Harry Zhu: "A really small park with confusing routes."

Hassans Walls Lookout

Hassans Walls Lookout offers breathtaking panoramic views over the Blue Mountains National Park, providing visitors with an unforgettable experience of the natural beauty of New South Wales. Situated just outside Lithgow village, it stands as the highest lookout from sea level in the entire Blue Mountains region.

Location: 13 minutes from Zig Zag Motel and 8 minutes from ALDI, 2 Valley Dr, Pottery Estate

Accessibility: The lookout is accessible via a gravel road and is easily reached by all vehicles, weather permitting. With ample parking available, visitors can enjoy a short stroll from the parking area to the lookout point, making it convenient for families and individuals alike.

Activities: Visitors can soak in the stunning vistas of the valley nestled amidst the majestic mountains, making it an ideal spot for photography enthusiasts and nature lovers. The lookout also welcomes drone enthusiasts, allowing them to capture unique aerial perspectives of the landscape.

Facilities: While Hassan's Walls Lookout does not offer camping facilities, it provides a rest area complete with a few tables, and toilets, allowing visitors to relax and enjoy a picnic while taking in the scenic views.

Reviews: With an impressive rating of 4.7 stars based on 980 reviews,

  • Ben MonKey (Rated 5 stars): "Easy to get to, [gravel] road which is easily accessible to all vehicles, weather pending. Plenty of parking and not too many other people there on a sunny 30°C temp day. No restrictions on using drones. Beautiful views looking over the valley."

  • Vassilis Kontos (Rated 5 stars): "Wow! If you are driving through Lithgow you need to check this place out.. the lookout is the highest lookout from sea level than any of the lookouts in the whole Blue Mountains National Park area. Great views of the valley between the mountains. Easy to get to and just a 1-2 min walk from where you park the car."

  • Beverley Holmes (Rated 5 stars): "Great lookout just outside Lithgow village. 270° view across the Blue Mountains and apparently the highest viewing platform in the area."

Bracey Lookout

This site offers a view of Lithgow Township. It is accessible via a short walk, and limited picnic facilities are available.

  • Location: 14 minutes from Zig Zag Motel, 9 minutes from Hassans Walls Lookout

  • Reviews:

  • Mitch Australia: "A view over the Lithgow township. I did not experience any issue getting to the lookout with my 4WD."

  • Nathan Mas-Stephens: "Road is not well maintained. Not a great view."

  • Katie Ostler: "Less to see than Hassan’s Wall, but still worth the venture down."

Mount York and Lockyers Trackhead to Lockyer's Track Campground, Hartley Vale

Part of the historic Blue Mountains walking track network. Offers various walking options with stunning views and descends into the Harley Valley.

  • Location: 25 minutes from Zig Zag Motel

    • The total walking distance is 6.4 kilometres.

    • It takes approximately 1 hour and 32 minutes to complete the walk.

    • The route starts at Mount York Road and ends at Lockyers Campground in Hartley Vale.

    • The walk is mostly flat, but caution is advised as walking directions may not always reflect real-world conditions.

    • You can park one car at the top of the walk and another car at the bottom.

    • The climb is steep, so it's recommended that you start at the top and walk down to the bottom car.

    • The route involves walking along Mount York Road and then turning onto the Blue Mountains Historic Crossings Walking Track.

  • Note: Ensure you are prepared with adequate food and water. In shared areas, be considerate of other users.

Maiyingu Marragu

Renowned for its remarkable natural beauty and cultural significance. Features Aboriginal hand stencil prints and ancient landscapes.

  • Location: Wolgan Road, Lidsdale NSW 2790, 24 minutes from Zig Zag Motel

  • Note: Respect and preserve cultural treasures. Book a cultural tour for an immersive experience.

Dobbs Drift Lookout and The Gardens of Stone

This site offers stunning views of unique formations and caves in the Gardens of Stone Conservation Area. It is accessible even by small conventional vehicles.

  • Location: Lithgow, near Tarana village, 10 minutes away from Zig Zag Motel

  • Reviews:

    • Kalani Ganga (5-star) Absolutely loved this place! We visited this place on our way to lost City. Here you can experience the Rock formations closely or even climb on few rocks. And this is so much easier to reach than lost City. So if you think lost City is too much trouble to visit, you can still visit this place and enjoy the view and experience. We loved this place even if we viated lost City. This ia a hidden gem in NSW.

    • Taresk Isloki (5-star review) Quiet, off the beaten track lookout with interesting views.

Evans Crown Nature Reserve

Features spectacular granite tor formations. Provides opportunities for bushwalking amidst ancient landscapes.

  • Location: 3km southeast of Tarana village, 32 minutes from Zig Zag Motel

  • Reviews:

    • Sue Samad (5-star) Phenomenal Rock formations Easy walk to the top via stairs. An adults playground of Mountain goat climbing and exploring the sensational.rock formations Must visit Good grip shoes Take plenty of water and snacks Amazing day out Visited on: Weekend Wait time: No wait Reservation recommended: No

    • Dave (IDLEsPACE) (5-star) Spectacular views, great and interesting rock formations. There is a well marked path to the top that branches off to, two directions for further Spectacular views of the surrounding region and scenery. I highly recommend not attempting the unmarked trails alone or if very inexperienced. It would be very easy to lose your sense of direction and get lost. So bring a friend. 😎 The two trails at the top of the steps are not currently maintained on my last visit and definitely need some work.

Hartley Historic Village and Riverbank Walk

Hartley Historic Site is a village with over 150 years of history. It features cobblestone streets and well-preserved sandstone buildings. Visitors can explore a heritage courthouse and church, which offer insights into the area's past. Talisman Gallery features sculptures of glass and metal, and the riverbank walk is the perfect way to spend a beautiful day in the valley.

  • Location: 25 minutes from Zig Zag Motel, heading back towards Sydney.

  • Reviews:

    • Kira Correy (5-star) Lovely spot to stop to appreciate Aboriginal art and culture. Highly recommend. A must if you're in the mountains.

    • ahmed tarshan (5-star) It's not too busy out there. You will need to head directly to the visitors reception to get tickets. It was $8.8 for adults, reception will give you access codes to the heritage court house and the church. There's also the Talisman workshop and gallery which was amazing, a bit pricey but there are some affordable souvenirs. The river walk is a must, it was the best part of our visit.

    • Kim Nguy (5-star) A great place for a quick detour on your way to Bathurst as the Historic Village is just off the highway. We didn't get any tickets but just had a quick wonder around to check out the well preserved Historic buildings. The Riverbank walk is definitely unexpected and quite enjoyable.

Hyde Park, Hartley and Hartley School and Community Hall

A semi-secret spot on the River Lett, behind Frank's Place, a street named as this was originally the home of Frank Inzitari, the patriarch of the Inz Group family and the inspiration behind the name of Frankie's Restaurant. The park features a short circular walk, granite rock formations, and a pool that is home to platypus and water dragons.

Before venturing into Hyde Park, take a moment to explore the historic Hartley School and Community Hall. Dating back to 1813, this former schoolhouse has a small park for the kids to play, and it is open to hire for private or community events.

  • Location: 29 minutes from Zig Zag Motel.

  • Directions: Turn off the Great Western Highway onto Mid Hartley Rd near the school. Proceed past the fire shed, then turn left onto a dirt road just before the main road veers right. Shortly after, take a right turn as it appears you're entering a driveway, and follow Hyde Park Lane for 2km to reach the car park. Be aware of large potholes, especially during or after heavy rainfall, which may pose challenges for 2WD vehicles.

  • Reviews: Harley Roberts: "Great little community hall for gathering and meeting."

Note: Respect the importance of native flora and fauna. No camping or fires are permitted within the reserve.

Book Your Stay at Zig Zag Motel and dine at Frankie's Restaurant.

After your big day in the great outdoors, come back to Frankie's for dinner and refule (bookings recommended) and then stay the night at Zig Zag Motel, waking up refreshed and ready to explore some more.

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