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Bonus Treat at Bathurst RSL!

We've teamed up with the Bathurst RSL Club to add a little extra flavor to your stay. As a special treat, we're giving our guests drink vouchers when they dine at the Bathurst RSL Club, which is just a short walk from our location.

Why Choose Bathurst RSL Club?

  1. Yummy Food: The RSL Club has all kinds of tasty food. Whether you like Aussie classics or food from around the world, they've got something for everyone.

  2. Cool Vibes: The club is a really nice place to hang out. Whether you want a laid-back meal or something a bit fancier, the Bathurst RSL Club is perfect for any mood.

  3. Being Part of the Gang: By eating at the Bathurst RSL Club, you're supporting the local crew. The club has been part of the town for ages and is all about bringing people together.

Here's the Lowdown on How It Works

  1. Check-In Fun: When you check in at Heritage Inn, we'll hand you these vouchers to use at the Bathurst RSL Club.

  2. Menu Adventures: Take your time to look through the menu at the club. They've got everything – starters, mains, desserts, you name it. Your vouchers cover part of your fist drink.

  3. Easy Walk: The Bathurst RSL Club is just a short walk from Heritage Inn. No need for a ride – just stroll over for some tasty eats.

Book Your Stay and Let the Good Times Roll

At Heritage Inn Bathurst, we're all about making your stay awesome. Our partnership with the Bathurst RSL Club is one way we're adding some extra fun to your visit.

Book your room at Heritage Inn Bathurst now and treat yourself to some seriously tasty food at the Bathurst RSL Club.

Enjoy the best of Bathurst – where comfy meets yummy!

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