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Discover the Seven Valleys Near Zig Zag Motel in Lithgow

Nestled at 70 Chifley Road, Lithgow, the Zig Zag Motel is your gateway to the stunning Seven Valleys region. This distinctive area of New South Wales offers a wealth of natural beauty, rich history, and charming towns and villages. Here’s a quick guide to what you can explore nearby.

About the Seven Valleys

The Seven Valleys region, covering over 4,500 square kilometres, is a richly diverse just two hours west of Sydney. Formerly known as the Lithgow area, it was rebranded to highlight the unique characteristics of its seven central valleys: Lithgow, Wolgan, Kanimbla, Capertee, Megalong, Hartley, and Tarana. Each valley offers something unique, from industrial heritage to majestic landscapes and vibrant local culture.

Why Seven Valleys?

Though the name suggests only seven valleys, the region includes many more. The chosen seven—Lithgow, Wolgan, Kanimbla, Capertee, Megalong, Hartley, and Tarana—represent the incredible variety. Lithgow is known for its industrial past, while the Capertee and Wolgan Valleys boast breathtaking natural beauty. Tarana’s country charm and markets, Hartley’s colonial architecture, and the stunning landscapes of Megalong and Kanimbla make this region unique.

Exploring the Towns and Villages

Ben Bullen

A quaint rural village on the Castlereagh Highway, Ben Bullen offers a peaceful retreat between Cullen Bullen and Capertee.

Just One Highlight: 4WD adventures, mountain biking, and horse riding on the Ben Bullen Trail in the nearby Gardens of Stone National Park.

Capertee & Capertee Valley

Surrounded by national parks, this mountain village is renowned for its spectacular views and birdwatching opportunities.

Just One Highlight: The Gardens of Stone National Park is known for its unique ‘pagoda’ rock formations and diverse heathland plants.

Directions: To The Gardens of Stone and The Glow Worm Tunnel from Zig Zag Motel via Newnes Plateau Cliffs Access:

  • Zig Zag Motel, 70 Chifley Rd, Vale of Clwydd NSW 2790, Australia

  • 28.7 km--about 39 mins

  • Head southwest on Chifley Rd/B59 toward Clwydd St. Continue to follow B5--91.2 km.

  • Turn right onto Bridge St--0.2 km.

  • Turn right onto Inch St--1.2 km

  • Turn left onto Atkinson St--0.7 km

  • Turn right onto State Mine Gully Rd--6.3 km

  • Continue onto Glowworm Tunnel Rd--10.3 km

  • Turn left to stay on Glowworm Tunnel Rd--8.8 km

  • The destination will be on the left

Clarence & Dargan

Situated along the Bells Line of Road, these villages offer stunning landscapes and are perfect for a scenic drive.

Just One Highlight: The Great Zig Zag Railway at Clarence features scenic rides, a café, a souvenir shop, and nearby bushwalks.

Find Out More / Book Tickets:

Directions: To The Great Zig Zag Railway from Zig Zag Motel via Clarence Station.

  • Zig Zag Motel Lithgow, 70 Chifley Rd, Vale of Clwydd NSW 2790

  • Head south on Clwydd St towards Chifley Rd/B59--66 m

  • Turn left at the 1st cross street onto Chifley Rd/B59--8.0 km

  • Turn left at Petra Ave--58 m

  • Turn left onto Zig Zag Railway Carpark.

  • The destination will be on the right.

Cullen Bullen

Located 28 kilometres north of Lithgow, Cullen Bullen is a quiet village rich in history and natural beauty.

Just One Highlight: Home to the Cullen Bullen Raceway, notable for its unique 410m x 16m wide granite and clay track.

Dark Corner

A small settlement 46 kilometres from Lithgow, Dark Corner offers a serene, relaxing environment.

Just One Highlight: The name reflects the area's hilly topography, with deep gullies that receive little sunshine during winter.

Good Forest & Lowther

Travel along Jenolan Caves Road from Lithgow to discover the scenic beauty of Good Forest and Lowther.

Just One Highlight: The War Memorial at Lowther was unveiled in 1920 to honour local soldiers who served in the armed forces.


East of Lithgow, Hartley is known for its well-preserved colonial architecture, including the historic Royal Hotel built in 1846.

Just One Highlight: Hartley Historic Site offers one of Australia's finest collections of historic buildings, dating back to the early 19th century. A must-stop is The Talisman Gallery, where you can watch work by metal artists and blacksmiths.

Kanimbla Valley

This valley, named by the Gundungurra people, offers stunning landscapes, fishing spots, and a rich history.

Just One Highlight: The Six Foot Track, a historic bridle track leading to Jenolan Caves, featuring the Bowtells Suspension Bridge.


Explore Lithgow’s industrial heritage at attractions like Blast Furnace Park and the State Mine Heritage Park.

Just One Highlight: Industrial heritage sites like Blast Furnace Park and State Mine Heritage Park.

Little Hartley

A historic village from 1832, Little Hartley offers scenic views and a journey through time.

Just One Highlight: Henry Lawson’s poem “The Ghost at the Second Bridge” is based on his encounter with a spectre along the road from Hartley.


Known for its natural beauty, Marrangaroo is perfect for nature walks and relaxation along the Great Western Highway.

Just One Highlight: Marrangaroo National Park, covering 1670 hectares and offering natural beauty between Lake Lyell and Lake Wallace.

Meadow Flat

A peaceful rural locality between Wallerawang and Bathurst, Meadow Flat offers a tranquil retreat.

Just One Highlight: The War Memorial at Meadow Flat School, a sandstone obelisk honouring local soldiers from World War I.


Discover the hidden treasures and welcoming atmosphere of Portland, a charming town perfect for exploration.

Just One Highlight: The historic Portland Cement Works has been transformed into The Foundations, a function hub and host to markets and the Famous IronFest.


Home to the Rydal Show and Daffodils at Rydal, this village hosts yearly events.

Just One Highlight: The Rydal Show and Daffodils at Rydal are popular events yearly.


Located in the beautiful Tarana Valley, this village offers picturesque landscapes and a peaceful environment.

Just One Highlight: Evans Crown Nature Reserve features diverse flora, fauna, and significant granite rock formations of cultural importance to the Wiradjuri Aboriginal people.


Just ten minutes from Lithgow, Wallerawang is a convenient rest stop with a friendly local vibe.

Just One Highlight: Lake Wallace is a tranquil spot for bird watching, picnicking, and enjoying sailboats on summer weekends.

Wolgan Valley, Newnes & Newnes Plateau

For adventure seekers, the Wolgan Valley offers outdoor activities and historic sites like the Newnes shale oil works.

Just One Highlight: The Glow Worm Tunnel, a historic railway tunnel now known for its glowing insects, is accessible via scenic walks.

Find Out More: See directions from Zig Zag Motel above.

From historical sites and tranquil villages to scenic drives and adventurous trails, the Seven Valleys region surrounding the Zig Zag Motel in Lithgow offers something for everyone.

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