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Illuminate Your Evening at LithGlow

Date: Saturday, 11th May 2024

Get ready to immerse yourself in the glow of history and transformation at LithGlow, an extraordinary event set against the backdrop of Lithgow Blast Furnace Park. Mark your calendars for a captivating evening filled with lights, entertainment, and the spirit of industrial heritage.

Discover Lithgow's Rich Industrial Legacy

Located in the historic Lithgow Blast Furnace Park, LithGlow pays homage to the city's pivotal role in Australia's steel production history. As you wander the park, you'll be surrounded by the past's echoes and the present's vibrant energy.

Immersive Experiences and Entertainment

Prepare to be dazzled by mesmerizing lighting displays and projections that reflect the theme of industrial endeavour. Warm yourself by the fire pits as you enjoy live entertainment, ranging from soulful melodies to upbeat rhythms. The kid's zone offers endless fun and excitement for families, while interpretative signage invites you to delve into the site's fascinating history.

A Spectacular Finale

As the night progresses, anticipation builds for the grand finale—the Energy Australia Fireworks, which will add a stunning visual spectacle to the already enchanting atmosphere.

Plan Your Experience

Don't miss your chance to be part of this unforgettable event. Secure your room bookings at Zig Zag Motel and reserve your table at Frankie's Restaurant today to ensure you don't miss the festivities.

Join Us at LithGlow

Experience the magic of LithGlow and celebrate the enduring spirit of Lithgow's industrial heritage. Whether you're a history enthusiast, a food lover, or simply seeking a memorable evening out with loved ones, LithGlow promises an experience like no other. See you there! We will match reasonable prices for the same room on the same date; call 02 6352 2477 for more information. And don't forget to reserve your table at Frankie's; bookings are essential.

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